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Angel Network and Long4Life step up to strengthen food security

As lockdown restricted people’s access to food and work, The Angel Network, which is an NPO, rose to the occasion and created an opportunity to distribute food parcels to those in need. They developed Community Action Networks (CANs), which allow neighbourhoods to raise money and assemble food parcels for designated families in order to alleviate starvation and poverty. The Orange Farm CAN, has, since the start of the lockdown, distributed over 1 000 food parcels to families in Orange Farm and assisted with various initiatives in Alex. More recently, the CAN has also begun to assist the Lusemanzi Early Childhood Development Centre. Their work was made more effective through the support of Long4Life, which donated R100 000 to be used to provide food parcels to families in need. These parcels have been used to feed close on 100 families (with an average of four dependants per household) for the last six months. The remaining money is now being used to help the children at the Lusemanzi Centre to celebrate Christmas properly, and to provide food hampers to see families through the Christmas period.

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